Monday, November 29, 2010

Pictures I hope ~ Fredericksburg Show #1

OK I am clicking my heels together 3 times, holding my tongue right, & crossing my fingers. All that to try and get the pictures from my camera & in my blog. Oh, & yes I have read the manual and installed the Nikon software, but for those of you that know me ..... Well lets say you understand the additional above 3 things to help in the task. So here goes........Drum Roll Please ..... Here is a (really not so spectacular) shot. But it is  my FIRST SUCCESSFUL picture and I did it myself. Gosh ~ I feel good!

I  just stopped on the side of the road to Fredericksburg. Wanted to take a picture to show that our hill country is just that in most areas. Soft gentle rolling hills. it may not look like much from this picture, but the country side is gorgeous.

We now Interrupt this program for the following announcement!

WaaaaWhooooo!!!! I did it, I did it, I did it!  Color me Pink!  Big Daddy (Tom) will be amazed! Now, back to your regular programming of  In Over Her Head.

This is Sweet Judy Stevall  and her Precious Shop Judy's Originals.  She does wonderful sewing projects from Aprons to Altered Crochet & Lace Clothing. All that along with her vintage items. I'll try to snap a pic of the inside next time. Norma and I always stop in to visit and shop and buy. Well, you can see how wonderful and eclectic everything is. Plus her prices are right. This month I stole,  bought 13 great vintage windows for only $20 yes I said $30 total. I can't wait to use them.

Now that is what I call a LONGHORN! Plus he is BeJeWeLeD! If you can enlarge this photo you can see how fabulous he is. I lost the card with this ladies name on it but still wanted to share the pic. She is in either Barn 1,2,3, or 4 at Trade Days. In addition to this guy, she had some wonderful vintage and Western Type items. This picture does not do her or her booth justice. She has wonderful handcrafted jewelery also. She was so patient with me getting the picture. I wanted to get the entire spread of the horns.  I know ~ I know ~ You want to know how much the skull is. Well, sorry bout this ~ I only just now realize that I didn't even ask if it was for sale. I was so enamored by it. I'll try and check next month. Might not even be for sale, just decor.

By the way, a sidebar here ~ Do you know the difference between horns and antlers?  Most folks look at me like I am nuts when I ask this, but are actually interested when I give the answer. I guess they think I am trying to play a joke on them or something. So envelope please. ~

It is simple. Animals like male deer or elk annually & naturally shed/drop/lose their antlers then grow new. Each year larger. Horns on cows & sheep however are supposed to be there forever. Female cows can have horns also. Both horns and antlers can be broken off  accidentally or in a fight with another animal (or vehicle if they aren't careful when they cross the road). Also animals in captivity can have their horns clipped to avoid injury to others, both animal and their humans. So ~ enough trivia for today. Imagine how much important stuff I could remember if I didn't have so much Junk in my Head. I will try not to bore you with the junk but my guess is that you will get a fair dose of it anyway when you continue reading my blog.

And then here is the last but certainly not least picture I took the 1st November Show . Here is Curt, My Fredericksburg Hero. He is Norma's son. Curt has the Personalized Name Picture Mats while Norma has Shabby Cottage FuFu.   They have their booth together since Curt doesn't need too much room for his display.

I have found that parents have become very creative in MAKING UP new ways to spell a child's name. Some kids I really feel sorry for. Grandparents are almost embarrassed to ask if he has a certain name spelled in an innovative way. They are always grateful and say they don't know why their child named their first precious grandchild this unusual spelling. Anyway,   He has an amazing variety available and can also order any name or word up to 11 characters.  

I call Curt My Hero because he watches our booths, (we use the same checkout stand between our booths) while Norma & I SHOP, SHOP, & then SHOP some more.. There is always a fabulous variety of items. See above paragraph about windows.

Anyway & BTW ~ I have now learned a lot more about my camera, read the book again. Like, how to zoom in closer so my next pics will be much better.

So, hope to hear from all of you soon. Please keep visiting me back. I will be posting frequently and hopefully sharing new info and resources for links etc for you to enjoy. Thanks to everyone for your support. If you have the time and desire, please post a comment, ask any questions, let me know you visited my blog.  I welcome you to "follow" so you will automatically receive any updates.

In  closing and as always my friends say, She's "In Over Her Head". 


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