Monday, February 21, 2011

And You Thought I Was Finished Talking ......... Not So Fast There Folks.

OK, so I admit, it has been a while ...... But, Gimme a Break OK?? Soooo,  let's see, alright, here it is, the truth. I've been sick & busy, or I mean busy being sick. Ummm, Really! No I Mean It. Really!

OK, So I fibbed. I've been lazy, self absorbed, & totally feeling sorry for myself & overwhelmed at times. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it's true.

Actually was sick for about 6 weeks it seemed, starting around Christmas.

Round these parts, we have this Yearly Texas Plague called "CEDAR FEVER", It can take anyone and put them down on a dirty dance hall bathroom floor out crying out "UNCLE" for weeks during late December & January. But, you just have to keep on keeping on when it comes on.

If you don't get it knocked out of your system with the copious amounts of the expensive method of doctor visit, nasal lavage via the lovely nete pot, nebulizer, antibiotics, (Z=Pack, also known as God's Gift to the always getting sicko gombahs like me.) and loads of sympathy, I know it can put you 6 feet under.  Or at least you feel like 6 feet under would be better than what you are dealing with at the time.  But, like I said you have to keep on keeping on.

Then I worked a lot at Craftiques for the first 2 weeks of February and this weekend was, FREDERICKSBURG TRADE DAYS.

So, I really have been sick and busy, but I still should have taken the time to my blog commitment. So, I begin again my friends.

I will be posting on a much more frequent and regular basis. Thanks to my friends for the nice words and support to continue. It was nice to have folks ask me where I went. You noticed, must mean you like me.

So "pLeAsE" Keep coming back.  Let me know that you have taken a quick update look on what is going on with me. Thanks.