Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Hope You Like Me ... I Really ~ Really Hope You Like Me......

Soooo ..... Today I spent what seemed like hours and hours trying to decipher more of the basic information about blogging for the newbie. Things like setting up the blog which I had previously done. I guess just wanted to make sure I had done it correctly. Then I tempted fate and made changes,  resetting different options etc. to see if it looked better, then reviewing the blog, & then ..... re-resetting up blog.  I feel like such a total baby at this!

I have written, changed, added, deleted and then returned to the original set-up just about everything I started with. I have learned about Gadgets and Links and Settings. All with the idea in mind that I will ultimately have a blog that will be pleasing to someone at least. All this, before my words and pictures can come to life on the page.

Since I "now" have a couple of weeks of experience writing & working with the blog, I did feel those a few changes would help. I also must admit to having been being a lurker on some "FaNtAsTiC" blogs written by incredibly creative and talented women. I have learned to respect their dedication to daily or almost daily posting as well as their writing talent and photo techniques. The bloggers I most envy enjoy do freely share their thoughts, feelings, creative talents, home  decor,  and their normal or at least normal to them daily activities.  

I honestly find them to be multi-talented artists, including jewelry, fabric, assemblage art, & general make do/make over.  They repurpose anything and everything from furniture to garden gates. They will scrape, paint, glitter, and glue to their hearts content. Then give it away, have a contest or swap for it, or put "it" up for sale on eBay, Etsey, or Antique/Craft Show or Antique Booth.

They are fortunate to have what I call "NEW EYES". They see  potential in what most only view as castoffs or throwaway "JUNK" as my husband calls it. They live the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle motto. Items modified are then called UpCycled.  They appreciate and honor the decor,  furniture, clothing and history of past times.

YES, These are women of my dreams. My Goal ... To Be Just Like Them When I grow Up.  I will be sharing them (and their blogs) with you soon also.

So, please, keep coming back, give your suggestions and comments. Help me become the best I can be at this "Blogging Thing".  I am really enjoying myself and hope it shows. I will get better and more organized. Thanks for your participation. Just think, you can be part of my village.

Lastly, I again thank these wonderful women that have, unknown to them, lifted me up. They provided me with the inspiration to take the leap and join the Blogger Team. Tomorrow I hope to comment on their blogs and actually thank them for giving me the gumption to finally start and share this journey with whoever cares to come along. I promise to do my best to entertain, enlighten, and just have fun along the way. Let's all enjoy the trip! I hope you like me, I really ~ really hope you like me.


5 comments: said...

Welcome to blogland!! It's a wonderful community. I look forward to seeing you around

Lynn said...

Thanks so much Karla! You & your blog have been a HUGE INSPIRATION to me! I hope to meet someday. Would love to attend your May Event.

Donna said...

Lynn, it's wonderful to know that you have found your life's dream, and that you are in a place where you are immersed, and enthusiastic, and successful, and HAPPY! All admirable and enviable qualities. Wish we could meet up more often ... I truly miss our not-frequent-enough get togethers.

Alex M said...

You go girl! First, I want to thank you for posting on my blog. I always check out who posts to my blog and check out their blog. If I like the blog, I put a link to it on mine. It helps traffic and gets you "in the loop."

Never be afraid to go to a blog you like and right click your mouse and select "view source." You can paste parts of it that you like into your blog design too. I found that I liked the way a certain blogger did her side bars, so I copied the format. When you are in your blogger design section, you can view the html and paste into it. What is neat, is that you can view it, but not save it. I once pasted in a link section from a blog I liked, then edited the links (that's the http stuff) to put in what I liked.

Right now I am using a generic provided format, but I've been pretty creative in the past just by trying out what I see at other sites.

Just jump in the pool!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! Looking forward to seeing what you do after *your* latent period!

Thanks again for the's always good to connect! Kristi

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