Monday, December 6, 2010

Does it EVER seem Like ......

Does it EVER seem Like ...... everyone else gets 48 hours in a day and you only get 12? No Fair ~ Right! It seems like the HURRIER I go the BEHINDER I get! And the more lost I find myself. In mind, body, and soul. I know, this seems deep or like I am in a major pity party. (NOTE to SELF !  GiT A GRIP GIRRRLLLL!) OK ~OK  it....just.... means.... I need to stop for a minute, take a deep breath, & analyse what all I have to do. 
 OK ~Think Lynn ~ Think!
(FIRST! Thank You to My Self! I am a Child of God, with, just like everyone else! I recognize the current roadblocks to my success and actively am working on capturing control of my life. I need to remember NOT to Beat Myself Up over mistakes and what I think of a failures. I need to rewire brain to think "A mistake or Failure to Complete a Project or Task is SIMPLY this. "A Fresh Opportunity to Learn From"! Any yes, I truly believe it but sometimes it is hard to LIVE it!)

Geeze, Here I go THINKING AGAIN! Seems like that always makes work for me. But, it makes sense to me to ask these questions about everything in my bucket to do right now. That leads to my solution I would like to share with you my friends . 

  • Get a BIG Pad of paper. (One I really like to write on. Like that purple paper legal pad. Make sure it has LOTS of paper!)
  • Make list of EVERY THING in my Bucket TO DO.Scrutinize List. Is it ALL a PRIORITY? (Really? Really Lynn??)
  • Is is ALL a  PRIORITY to ME? (Again Lynn, Think Hard!)
  • OK, So What is REALLY IMPORTANT? (Once Again ~ NOTE to ME ~ FAMILY & SELF FIRST, Then..if or when anything left in you to give ..... Consider the rest! ~ this is not being selfish, just self preserving! )
So now I have a  LIST of everything on my plate. (A REALISTIC List Lynn!)
Take 1st list and make 3 columns on same paper so you can see it all on one page! (On no ~ Decision Time ~ I admit I have real issues with decisions and commitments)
    1. Priority. (URGENT, MUST DO & on SHORT TIME FRAME.)  
    2. Need to do. (IMPORTANT ~ But NOT urgent or time short.)
    3. Rewards. (Nuff Said, I "LIKES" MY REWARDS)
So Breaking it down.

  • Priority List. (Well Duh ~ I know what that means.) 
  • Need/nice to Do When Have Time! (Hmmm ~Why? Just to remember tasks and keep them on the list or back burner.  I may have committed to do something but no time line, just when I have time to work it in. May be something I want/or need to do (my dream list). Things that aren't a priority but still need to done & will be nice to have done. It is also my filler list of things for 1st list when have time.)
  • Make 3rd LIST. My REWARD LIST! (Could be CRAFT/JEWELRY Items that I want to complete, Furniture I want to paint to take to Craftiques. Trip to Craftiques just to visit & check on my booths. Things that I want to do, enjoy doing, but are NOT priorities and if I do them first I will not do the REAL Priority ITEMS. (HUGE NOTE to SeLf! Remember, I can override this whole thing here if I REALLY ~ REALLY need a REWARD item just to RECHARGE my BATTERIES. You know ~ Take Time For Self! I have to remember to take care of me or really ..... None of this matters.) 
Then PRIORITIZE, ORGANIZE (again remember SELF/Lynn.... REALISTIC), & make a pretty list (that I can read) to check off  OR Scratch through. Does not matter now if I use one list for each category or one list with 3 columns. For me depends on size of note pad I am using. 
  1.  SO, With all this said and written HERE & in order to truly be successful with this method of organizing your life and time. YOU MUST ~ MUST ~ MUST ....... 

Then, Act Like a Duck ~ Calm and UnRuffled ABOVE the Water  .......... & PADDLE like HECK UNDER the WATER!
I find it interesting how, GOOD .. no GREAT it feels to scratch through things on lists. Completion ... Success ... Secret on Jump Starting good feelings. Simple, put a couple of things on you list that you just recently finished. Then SCRATCH THROUGH!!!  See, how you start off as a success. {Tee Hee! Little Laugh Here} Any one else do this?

Does any one else EVER feel like this? What do you do? I can take all the help and suggestions ya can  give me.

Oh my! I feel so better already! Will update you later on list making and scratch offs. (No Not Lottery Scratch Off Tickets. But, hmm, maybe when I finish my list.) Anyway, if you see me in a week, ask to see my list. Let's see how many scratch offs I have.

Hope every one has a blessed Day and then RESTS WELL!


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