Friday, June 1, 2012


 Scene One, Act One: Conversation  this morning in my little rock house. Just me & my dogs, Butch & Buddy . Also know as "The Boys". 

Me: (Looking at calendar) Oh My!  Boys! I'm afraid we aren't in Kansas anymore Toto #1 & Toto #2!   (From movie ~ yes ~ The Wizard of Oz~ and I do watch it still!)

The Boys: Reply ~ Blank look, see picture below. (No dialog ~ they are still learning how to talk and can't read yet to memorize lines.  Didn't want to stress them out by pushing them.  After all, it's my Blog, not theirs. Note to self ~ Check out Sylvan Learning Centers to see if they have Canine Reading Program. If not, abandon attempt to teach dogs to read. Talking will just have to suffice.)

Me, Again: OOOOhhhhh MMMMyyyyy!  I'm afraid this isn't January anymore Toto # (Oh the heck with it) "Butch and Buddy"!  (~ Umm ahem, excuse me, I mean ~ After all, they don't even look like Toto, that would call for Method Acting and they just aren't that committed to this little scene.)
Aren't they cute?
ChiWaWa & Fox Terrior

So, It seems that somewhere along the way I have lost almost the first half of 2012. I can't believe it! My last post was at the end of January. How sad is that. Now it was a darn good post but, I admit not enough to keep you interested for 5 unblogged months.  Unfortunately it seems that the Big Fat Ugly MeanGremlin that spreads Bad Luck and Injuries and Illness visited me for each of those months. Not fair, Right???  Right?  Righttttttt!!

But I guess when you think of it this way, it's OK. Somebody has to have those issues.  It's just that I would prefer it not be me every month. I got rid of that monthly problem a long time ago and don't need another. LOL!

I guess I need to talk to the "Big Guy" upstairs and let him know I'm willing to take my turn in the barrel but I really need to have a break. I think I'm in pretty good with him as we do talk daily. Sometimes multiple times daily (sure is nice to know he is there at any time for any of us),  but I need to really get this "sick" thing over.

Nothing was life threatening, just real life getting in the way of my fantasy dream of what life should be. Oh Well.  With that said, Here goes another stab at consistency. 

I am looking forward to taking pictures and sharing some of my projects and thoughts with you. I don't know who "YOU" are. But this is something that I enjoy and I hope that maybe some of "YOU" get a chuckle from my thoughts. 

WOW!   I'm Soooooo Excited, It's June 2012! Lots of stuff coming up. Check out the pics.

                       Lots of Summer Gatherings
Weddings to Attend
                                        Flag Day & 4th of July
Summer Camp
Girls Weekend


Vacation With the Relatives

Swimming With "Close" Friends

                              Fredericksburg Trade Days
                    3rd Weekend of Every Month
                              Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Hurry Boys,Butch ~ Buddy!  We gotta get busy ~ We gotta lotta stuffs that need to get done! Soon!
House Repairs

Learn How to Use Ladder
and last ~ Gas the Car
Not really me, but I have one that looks just like this.

So For Now, I'll Say ~
See Ya on the Next Post!,

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